Exciting News...

 Last weekend we wanted to share some news with the kids. So Dusty a picture of each family member on the boogie board (thanks Katie) with an item that is special to them. Hazel and her snuggly blanket, Rita and her bike, Phillip listening to music on the iPod, and Karl reading a book. Dusty had a shovel and Janeece was holding a baby. Nobody got it! "Who's that?" Rita asked. 

Then this past Sunday for Mother's Day, we included the following photo in each of our mother's cards. Grandma Blunck immediately realized the news when we she opened the card at dinner. We had given the card to Grandma Price with some hanging baskets of flowers but she did not pick up on it right away. We had to call her the next day and be not quite so subtle.

We are very excited to say the least.

Hazel's World

This is a blog post from Hazel about her world...
"This is my family. My mommy, my daddy, Rita and Hazel and Karl and Phillip."
 "We got Easter clothes."
 "Me taking a nap with Phillip. He was sick."
 "We racing our cars on a road. My car was a potato. My car was fast, fast, fast."
 "I'm standing on Grandma's tire swing."
"Karl is doing Tae Kwon Do. I'm hanging on the bar."


December was a wonderful month. As a Relief Society we were in charge of the Woodburn 2nd Ward Christmas Party. We felt prompted to make it a more formal affair and a more Christ centered celebration. So everyone was invited to wear church clothes to the evening and we had a formal program in the Chapel before congregating in the Cultural Hall for dinner and the more casual part of the program.
It was certainly a lot of work to pull the Christmas Party together but I really enjoyed having a reason to dress up extra special with my kids in their Christmas outfits.
Another change we made that I really liked was that families could bring their children to visit with Santa before our evening actually began. That way he didn't become the focus or center of the evening.
Hazel was too nervous to visit with the "Big Guy."
The kids and I enjoyed our annual "Christmas Craft" Saturday with Mom and Dad Blunck. Dad came up with the idea of these Christmas white boards and we all helped the kids make their own white boards to write special messages on.
Rita's finished product. She loved this project as she is very artistic and is always drawing and crafting.
Phillip and Grandpa worked hard on their gingerbread house.
While Karl and I made our own.
The day wasn't complete though until the boys spent some time working on the tree house they were building in the old cherry tree.
Sometimes all little boys need is a little fresh air, a saw, and time to just build. And then they are a whole lot happier the rest of the day.
Christmas was memorable and magical. We slept out by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and woke up to see that Santa had visited. We really enjoyed having Papa and Grandma Price over for our traditional Egg/Sausage Quiche and Cinnamon Rolls.
We found out that Aunt Shara and Uncle Stephen were expecting another baby. How exciting!
And built cousin relationships...
Accessorized a bit...
And snuggled with Aunt Ned.
And laughed uncontrollably as we watched the kids try out rollerblading for the first time.
And genuinely enjoyed being together with our family. I'm pretty much a mamma's girl, but I love my Dad a whole lot too. I treasure our relationship and am so grateful for the loving parent he has always been.
Armed ourselves with the shield of faith and the sword of truth.
And "reverently" reenacted the Nativity. Rita took her role as Mary, the mother of Jesus, very seriously. She was quite somber.
While the wise men and shepherds we more lively, shall we say.
One of the greatest parts of our entire Christmas was being able to celebrate it with Dusty's entire family. The first time in a very long time. Look at all the energy bundled up into so many little bodies. Can't believe I married into such a great family and so grateful for Dusty's parents and siblings for making it so enjoyable to be with everyone.


Karl tried his hand at being a salesman. By the end of the afternoon he had sold all of his inventory.
Rita and her pre-school friends took a field trip to the local fire station to learn about firemen. It was a bit overwhelming to all the little kids but certainly a good experience for all of them.
Walking through a fire truck was a favorite activity for all the kids.
Our little firefighter!
We cooked up something extra special with some Hazel stew.
We ventured out the weekend after Thanksgiving to get our Christmas tree since every weekend in December was booked with wrestling tournaments. Gratefully, some friends told us about a tree farm that sold all their trees for $10. What a wonderful find!
Hazel was a pretty good sport as we walked around to find the perfect Christmas tree. She didn't trip over too many stumps along the journey...
Hailey had spent the weekend with us so she and I could make some jewelry for her birthday present. And she was quick to jump in and help us find our tree.
Perfect tree found, everyone got a turn to help cut it down. And Dusty was patient enough to work with everyone so that eventually we could haul our tree back home.

Being a Big Brother

being a big brother is hord bikuz you hav litol siblyn    they kan be fayisty it duzint matr we love  them olkuz they or byityufol
soom sibling or 6 yiyz old may oidr brother is 9 yiyrs old.

"Being a big brother is hard because you have little siblings. They can be feisty. It doesn't matter we love them all cause they are beautiful. Some siblings are six years. My older brother is 9 years old."

-Phillip Price